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This is a special theme dedicated to chocolate and everyone who loves chocolate.

I have created an alternate reality and is dedicated to everything chocolate.
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The Chocolate Universe and its planets.
This is the center of the Chocolate Universe and is the Sun which is called Xocolatl
There are three planets in this universe the largest one is the one in the picture above to the right top and is called Nahuati
The next one (in the center of the 3) is called Theobro
and the third planet is called (the top left of the picture) is called Phenethy.

These are the planets that make up this part of the cosmos of the Chocolate Universe.

This is a most pleasant system full of pampering and indulgences in the finest the cosmos has to offer in exotic cacao products of which these are the products from this universe and are considered to be the most rarest of all of chocolate items and they do import chocolate from all over the cosmos to create a state of luxury of your wildest fantasy and dreams.
So stop by one of the planets and take that much needed luxury vacation you have always needed.
            ID Tag
  Chocoholic Stage1

this is suitable for a T-shirt design
   ID TAG's

Here are ID tags for a medical condition known through out the universe known as 
these tags help medics know how to treat this condition when they see the tag so if you are one it would help them if you had one of these on you at all times
Chocoholic Terminal Condition 
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