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Here you will find works chosen for various forms of mass media such as music cd covers, promotional posters, flyers, or anyting of that nature. All copyrights remain with the artist and are shared with the media designer
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Cover design copyright 2007
CD Cover
Native American Music
     Earth Song
 and David Newby
cover design copyright 2008
CD Cover
Celestial Echoes
 David Newby
Cover art by Richard RedHawk
Cover art by Richard RedHawk
                  commissioned CD cover 2008
                                               "Stellar Whispers ....  the birth of a Universe"
As the COSMOS (of infinite space) evolves She whispers the heralding event of yet another solar system for you to explore or is it She whispers to you that it is time for you to evolve, so listen carefully to her as She will whisper to you of things yet to come and things that have begun.
Here is one that is a commissioned work for a CD cover for music by David Newby.
This started off as a simple design but evolved into much more.
Here is another of my pieces on a CD cover by music artist David Newby
          Commissioned work for the 
   Expanding Universe album by David Newby
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