This page is for a series that is called Celestial Ancients Spirit Speaks and is for those primal forces that drives and binds our celestial forces known as galaxies, nebulas, clusters, black holes and so on in in the grand scheme of what we call Life and beyond that of our earthly bodies hope these inspire you to greater thinking and awareness.
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Each of these works are originally done in a png format in 3840 X 2560 format and reduced to a 600 X 400 jpeg format to post here on the Internet.
Power of the Celestial Ancients
Here we find the most ancient of all earth beings the Elephant and with this one brings the poser of all our ancestors to each and everyone of us here in this planet. So draw from this ancient wisdom to help you where you are and will be and will go in your life's path.
title  The New Galactic Communication
Here we find the Dolphin in their natural abilities and one of them being is communication and as they play amongst the celestial bodies of the cosmos they convey that it is time to re awaken those abilities that are embedded in our genetic makeup and re-a-line ourselves with our past present and future beings that we are.
The Record Keeper
Here is another of the gentle being that have occupied time and space for eternity and is the Whale. This being is the epitome of the ancient store house something which we have similar as we call them libraries but OH so much more as they are the Record Keepers of all the celestial beings from time immemorial. These records contain everything of our genetic makeup since our inception in this lifeforce and no not just the human body but all lifetimes where ever you were in the greater cosmos. Look and listen and reawaken the being you.
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