Here is a little something about Me. 
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I am of Cherokee/Celtic heritage born just after WWII in Texas.

I served in the US Air Force for just under 7 years and am a Disabled Veteran.

I like to do graphic designs logo work and computer generated art. 

I am also a silversmith, working with brass copper and silver  doing tooling the old fashion way and use gemstones in some of my works.

I also do some wood art and stone carving in the Native tradition style of works.

This web site as well as my others show the various thing that I have created so please look around and hope you enjoy my style of work.
Here I am at the Tyas Bend Ranch in Gainesville TX in the Late 1990
Here is one who still walks with me her name is Spirit and she is the daughter of the brother of Two Socks who name is Jake from the movie Dances with Wolves

She was and is still a source of inspiration to me in the work that I do on all levels.

I have not been at a point in my life that I think I will ever replace her.

I miss her and even though she is gone physically I still feel her presence each an every day of my life..

Someday I will meet up with you on the Blue Road and we shall start a new journey there, with all our friends we have bonded with on the Red Road
View from my setup at the Chambers Farm POW WOW  in 2000
This is from the 1St annual Daleville POW WOW in Daleville Alabama
Here is one great dancer at the age of 8
Coyote Dancer 
New Brockton POW WOW May 2009 
New Brockton Alabama
Coyote Dancer with my step granddaughter and her first time to do the Lady's Choice
she is 5 in this pics
  Emerson Begay

Native American Artist and Musician

The art work this one does is superb

Before everyone started to arrive for the POW WOW in 1995 at Chambers Farm

Eglin Air Force Base Florida in the mid 1990
I have posted some of the vid takes on my YouTube account under richardredhawk.
Other web sites you can find other of the thing that I do are
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Brookfield POW WOW 
Brookfield Florida  2000
Places that I have demonstrated at and setup at.
Tuscaloosa Alabama Mounds in 1993
Traders Village POW WOW both the Houston TX and Dallas TX POW WOW
Porter TX Pow WOW
Eglin AFB 
Chambers Farm, Florida
Cario, GA
Childersburg, Alabama
Daleville, Alabama
Spiff in Florida
Brookfield, Florida
Panther Creek, Florida
Bear,  in Florida
as you noticed most of the works have been in Alabama and Florida 
Also some in Georgia and Louisiana and Mississippi, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri
these are just some of the names that I can remember (old timers problem)
Spirit of the Wolf POW WOW 1st Annual May 2009
The Marquie setup
A Display lodge 
Stars of the POW WOW
no not the two legged 

its the the 4 legged brothers

The two legged from left to right are
Kim one of the Staff and one of the vendors then Jim who is the the staff
  Apache's Bear Trading Post by SkaMata Ista
Here at the 11th  Annual Oxford Alabama POW WOW June 2009
Full moon over our lodge
Apache Bear's Trading Post 
Our Lodge at the POW WOW
Here is the Jimmy Taylor Bow Maker setup 

Here he is talking with Phenix Williams (black T-shirt) traditional basket maker and another vendor in hat
Mike from the Wolf  Sanctuary  of Ashland
 B Golden Oak and Mom 
All Nation Drum who played at the Daleville POW WOW  was at the Spirit of the Wolf POW WOW great to hear them drum again at this one
 Native Naturals by White Shell Woman